Zahid’s Singapore Holiday Trip in August

Hey Prateek and Ujala accolades to you both, my trip wouldn’t have been so great and fascinating without your people’s Keen interest in management, that’s what service all about.
I wanted my travel to be hassle free as I had an infant traveling me and indeed it was one of the best ones where the entire family enjoyed.

Things which went well.
-Well organized and clearly explained.
-Approach and availability of offshore and onshore team whenever required.
-Harjit Singh at KL who was such a great soul and made is very comfortable

Things could have been better
-Arrogance of one of the SIC driver Shan who took us to Universal with full volume level of uninvited songs.
-Crampy rooms which could have been better.

I would recommend Fantabulous to every traveler who is looking for building great memories out of their holiday.

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